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What is Cynophilia?

Creating is preserving. Throughout history, the various dog breeds have developed and adapted to the needs, being man's partners. The breeding of purebred dogs must be responsible, with due study and adequate reproduction, always observing the health and well-being of the animal.

There are more than three hundred dog breeds around the world. They are exceptional animals with varied abilities. Guarding, herding, handling livestock, company, hunting, sniffing and even assistance for people with physical disabilities help man in his day to day. Several canine breeds have their characteristics that favor their application in several activities that help us, such as, for example, the breedBloodhoundwhich is widely used by various police around the world as sniffers.

To ensure that the historic partnership between humans and dogs gains more and more chapters, it is necessary for the owner to be extremely responsible even before acquiring a purebred dog.

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