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Our Puppies

  • Has Australian ancestry and has CKBC blue pedigree (contains complete dog genealogy);

  • Liability Agreement;

  • Veterinary health certificate;

  • Dewormed;

  • Respective age vaccine; and

  • Microchip.

When and how are they delivered

    Our puppies are delivered at least 60 days old. All so that they have the time of complete breastfeeding and socialization with their mother and other dogs in the house. They are used to perform their physiological needs on hygienic mats, aiming at the easy adaptation to new homes, which for the most part are apartments in metropolitan areas. We deliver a small manual with some information that we think is important. However, we like to have a lifetime follow-up of our puppies and whenever within the possibilities of our knowledge and experience as breeders, we can help with their care. By purchasing a puppy from us, you will be joining the Jack King family! To be part of our family, it is necessary to have a little patience because our crosses are very well planned and our litters are very much awaited! Our purpose is not production in large quantities, but in quality, almost an "artisanal" production! In the main menu bar is the link to our waiting list, leave your details and as soon as we have puppies on the way we will contact you!


Tel: +55 21 98002-1569

WhatsApp: +55 21 98002-1569

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