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"A Jack Russell????
  I heard this question several times when I announced that I was expecting a Jack Russell puppy.
  I saw, for the first time, a puppy at a good friend's house. Stefano, who would be Hugo's father, was charming. I established an internal relationship with him, even if not often face-to-face. When I saw him, the tireless back-and-forth games  brought me joy.
  I was very ambivalent about  having a Jack . But I wished! And three and a half years ago, on Children's Day, when grandchildren and children were at my house, my friend arrived  with a lovely wrapped baby dog, as he had promised. It was an outpouring of affection and joy from everyone. So Hugo was received. I chose Hugo because  I thought he was beautiful. The two symmetrical spots on the sides, caramel, the resemblance to the handsome father, the possibility of being proud like mother Betina, everything enchanted me. Hugo was a very quiet puppy, he did very little destructive nonsense. Healthy, loving and loyal. You feel surrounded by love and you are sure of it! After Hugo, everyone got their dogs. But, between us...he is the one who still occupies the familiar canine throne; don't listen to me Floki and Rocky.
  Hugo met Kadisha through Alexandre. He was the father of her first litter. Then came Gaia, to be her father's companion. In fact, I would say more a little disturbing of the father... Hugo is patient  with her and jokes with her daughter's tireless requests. But to some extent. ..the face of "ja  is enough!" it's very clear. So, they usually settle down together, in a common bed.
  They are healthy dogs. There is no major hair loss. They are odorless. Active, but adapt easily. They learn fast. The hunting origins  appear in the attitude. And on occasion, they are exercised, as Kadisha does.
  I like the Jacks. They suit me. With a firm hand, they are perfectly sociable.
  Yes, I recommend them! They are natural antidepressants, as my friend says.
  The "bad reputation" is pure legend! Are worth."

Written by Maria Inês Carneiro who is responsible for Jack King Of Mountain Gaia, in January 2022.

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"Geeeeee yesterday I went to visit Kadisha and Blitz's puppies and I want to say I'm in ecstasy!!!! ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!! Very well cared for, happy, affectionate and very smart!!!! I think it's important to give this testimony because the Ale and David do an amazing job with the dogs!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Written by Marcelle Caldas in August 2022, tutor of Blitz, partner of the Jack King kennel and who allowed us to use Blitz in the Pantanal Litter.

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