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Our Handlers

The cynophilia professionals who work with us are like members of our family, as they take care of our dogs as if they were their own. Love, care and attention are the main pillars of the work of our Handler friends. The well-being of the dog must come first. Below we will introduce them so that you can get to know a little of their work.

Adrian Fernandez's history with cynophilia is lost in time, as he learned everything from his father who was also a cynophile lover and specialized handler. His entire family works in the creation of breeds such as boxer and yorkshire. Professional recognized by all for the excellent work carried out in these almost 50 years of profession.

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What is Junior Handler?

  The objective of the Junior Handling competitions is to increase young people's interest in Canophile activities, promoting and developing cooperation and contact between dogs and young people and, above all, encouraging sportsmanship, friendship and well-being between young people and dogs.
  Junior Handling also involves the opportunity for young people and children to learn more about different breeds of dogs, as well as their various types and characteristics. Sport encourages young dog lovers to gain knowledge about how to care for dogs and how to maintain animal welfare.
  These values will help support other generations with more awareness and a responsible culture for owning and keeping dogs.
  For the record, Junior Handler participants must be enrolled in regular education and must have an average above 7 to be authorized to participate and have their results approved by the CBKC.
  For our happiness, our Miguel in 2022 was able to participate in some exhibitions, and at the end of the year he became World Dog Handler Champion in the world exhibition that took place in São Paulo in early December, the World Dog Show 2022  (the world cup of cynophilia).

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