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Our story

Our passion for Jack Russell started when we acquired our "Brida" from the pioneer Endless Summer Kennel in 2009. Soon after, came our "Tango" from the Jackland kennel in Buenos Aires. After a few years in which we had to paralyze our breeding to be able to dedicate ourselves to our professional careers, we returned to dedicate ourselves with a lot of love and passion to cynophilia and the creation of the fearless Jack Russell.

So that we could have our matrices and sires with the best possible standard, observing the characteristics established by the International Cynological Federation, which in August 2021 we brought from France, from Russtyle's duVallon de L'Alba kennel, our tricolor for the hard "Fame". Then, in September, we brought from Russia, from the Lovely-Orange kennel, our black and white for the hard "Nika", and then in January 2022, from the same Russian kennel, came our white and tan stud for the hard "Bóris". In addition, we also made other imports of extreme importance to establish a select squad and dogs with excellent pedigree, to be mentioned: the “Laika”, our black and white smooth coat (first and only in Brazil so far) coming from from Saint Petersburg in Russia from the Mersy Mei kennel; “Gigio” coming from Rome in Italy from the Jackinlove kennel, to be our stud dog for the broken white and tan; and lastly, the hard white and tan bitch “Tasha”, hailing from Vyborg in Russia from the renowned Algrafs kennel. These kennels are references in the creation of the breed all over the world. It was with great joy that we brought these dogs, in the quest to raise the standard of the breed's specimens in Brazil and to be able to bring to the tutors the true Jack Russell Australian lineage, in which the temperament of a terrier of English origin of fox hunting was worked on to a terrier that was more relaxed and adapted to urban and family life. In this way, we dedicate ourselves to responsible breeding, with all possible care, always concerned with maintaining the best standards of the breed.

    Our breeding has monthly veterinary follow-up, as they are our children who do not speak, and therefore, we always have an expert eye to prevent any abnormalities.

In our current reality, environmental concern has become more and more part of our daily lives, and therefore, raising a puppy must always be done in a conscious and responsible way. In the case of Jack Russell, they can live on average about 15 years. So, we must know that it will be a living being and dependent on us for all this time and that  we must offer them adequate food, as well as veterinary care. 

Above all, we seek conscious and responsible families for our puppies.

Our dogs live with the family, indoors, they sleep in our bed and here they are in charge!

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