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In the Top 5 List of Best Jack Russell Breeders in the CBKC Ranking 2022.



In the Top 5 List of Best Jack Russell Breeders in the CBKC Ranking 2022.

We are Coordinators of the Carioca Department of the Jack Russell Terrier Breed, accredited by FECERJ (Cinological Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro), which together with serious breeders we are dedicated to spreading, promoting, improving, developing and promoting the reconciliation of dog breeders of the Jack Russell breed, encourage its creation, publicizing it through technical or promotional activities, namely: circulars, technical bulletins, courses, symposiums, congresses, specialized exhibitions and all those activities that collaborate for the promotion of the breed and best practices for the well-being of our Jacks.

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No dia 27 de dezembro de 2023, realizamos um encontro com alguns tutores e seus filhotes Jack King no Parcão da Lagoa Rodrigues Freitas.


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Diretoria do Departamento Carioca, Presidente da Fecerj e o Juiz Mr. Svante Frisk

Melhor Cão do Sexo Oposto da Especializada (BOSS) e Melhor Fêmea
Jack King Of Mountain Sorella Chiara

2º Melhor Macho Jovem da Especializada
Jack King Of Mountain Konan

Melhor Jack Russell Inicial da Especializada (BISS Baby)
Jack King Of Mountain Now or Never

Melhor Progênie da Especializada
Lovely-Orange Maincraft aka "Bóris" e seus  três filhos

Premiações da 2ª e 3ª Exposições Especializadas do Departamento Carioca da Raça Jack Russell Terrier

Exposições Anos Anteriores


🗓Save the date, that we already have our first specialist of the Jack Russell Terrier breed scheduled!

On the weekend of the dayMay 19th to 21st, 2023we will have the 1st Specialized Exhibition ofCarioca Department of the Jack Russell Terrier Breed,where the exhibitions of the Campeonato Carioca, organized by Fecerj Rio, will also take place.

🏆 As trophies from the specialist, we will have the beautiful arts prepared by Dianna Duarte.

Very happy with the beginning of this endeavor where we launched ourselves together with other breeders of the breed aiming at promoting it in the state of RJ, and why not in Brazil?! All for good practices and better development of the Jack Russell Terrier breed!
Y ' all can't stay out of this! 🤩

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Heather Turner
Departamento Carioca

World Dog Show 2022

From December 8th to 11th, dog breeders from all over Brazil and the world met at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, for the 2022 World Dog Show.

Considered the largest and most important canine event in the world, the World Dog Show (WDS) is an international exhibition, approved by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and has been held annually since 1964.

The 2022 WDS was organized by the Brazilian Cinophilia Confederation (CBKC), the entity that governs dog breeding in Brazil. This was the third edition held on national soil, we had the honor of hosting the 1972 and 2004 World Exhibitions, and expectations are the best.

It is important to mention that the Jack Russell Terrier breed had a significant participation and with great results, with representatives of the breed winning the exhibition's top prize, Best In show, in the categories, young, adult and veteran.

We at Jack King Of Mountain Kennel couldn't help but participate and we obtained impressive results. Below are our members who participated in this memorable event;

World Dog Show 2022


2nd Best Junior Male of WDS 2022



3rd Best Junior Female of WDS2022



Best Promising Centenary Exhibition


100% straight coat and 100% Australian litter! Goran arrived in March this year from Macedonia and is already a young Brazilian champion and our Laika is an initial Brazilian champion! We still have a black and white male available with delivery from January 8, 2024!



Learn about the Jack Russell Terrier breed.

The jack russell is the typical breed with a strong and independent personality. This pet can think far beyond most people, so it makes its own decisions. A natural investigator, the Jack Russell will do anything to find, on his own, a way to get to your heart.

In addition, he can adapt well to any environment, just make him spend all his energy

How is the Jack Russell's temperament?

Personality is not lacking in this dog. Despite his short stature, the Jack Russell is bold and fearless. He loves to run, play with balls and gets along very well with children. It is considered a compact and very rustic dog, because it rarely gets sick and the routine care is few and very simple.  Considered versatile because it loves to be with its owner at all times, whether they are doing a trail or sitting on the couch marathon series.

Does Jack bark a lot? Are they destroyers?

  Only when they are happy or not with the face of some stranger do they send out a warning signal. But, in any case, they are very quiet.

No need to hide the furniture! They are very smart and full of energy. So just take it to spend that energy and everything will be fine. For any breed it is always important to have distraction toys for when they are alone, this way they will not destroy your sofa.



Dr. Ana Beatriz Kling

CRMV-RJ 18283



Tel: +55 21 98002-1569

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