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Importance of Exhibitions

The Shows are worldwide events, in which dogs of different breeds are evaluated according to their morphological characteristics, posture and behavior, by judges and specialists, based on international standards.

Dog shows were created to qualify, classify and select dogs that have the potential to improve and continue breeding. In this way, the titles obtained in exhibitions and which are incorporated into the dog's pedigree, attest to the quality of the stud dogs and matrices, with a greater probability of these qualities being transmitted to their offspring. It is the guarantee that you will have a puppy with the coat, size and temperament according to the breed.

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What is Handler?

The Handler is the professional trained to expose the dog in canine events. It is requested mainly when the exhibitor does not have experience or when he does not have the time to travel to events. Handlers can help from choosing the dog to maintaining and training the dog,   before the events even start up to the presentation on the day of the shows. It is hard work and similar to breeding, as they house the dogs, take care of their food, their well-being and their training. Everything so that the dogs have a good coat, good behavior and, above all, a healthy life and can present themselves well on the day of the exhibitions, thus having a fair evaluation by the dog lovers. We are very grateful to our Handler friends who groom and care for our dogs as if they were children.

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